Book review – Read This If you Want to take great Photographs by Henry Carroll

Photography can be hard to learn to a level of competent dexterity. The exposure triangle of ISO, Aperture and shutter speed, and the complexities of depth of field amongst the main culprits.

Of course add to this composition, framing, differences in light and many of the other affecting factors and it all feels like an obscure science like alchemy.

Myself, I have been taking photos for many years, of late a little more seriously with a real focus on trade craft. In my pursuit of understanding all these overlapping components within photography I came across a book that helped me immensely. it’s called: Read This If you Want to take great Photographs by Henry Carroll.

Why I liked this books is because not only does it use a little humor to explain these complexities, but it used simple language and examples from the greats in photography to illustrate these points and details. People like: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Guy Bordain, Martin Parr, Dorothea Lange and many more – in fact over 50 photographers. Where needed concise illustrations are also used to help with the science behind photography.

It’s just a great book, easy to pick-up, not too complex or long, with great examples and fun. After reading it you just want to go out and test what it is imparting – which is the whole idea, to get us to explore and learn. I recommend this book to any starter or enthusiast to the art of photography – its a great guide I would give this 5 stars *****