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life is a blur – uk street photography

This capture is a long exposure of a skateboarder caught in mid flight on the streets of Bristol. I just love the way long exposures distort the limbs of the human form in motion creating strange elongated and distorted human forms. No where better than the streets and street photography […]

life is a blur - uk street photography

London Million Mask March 2017

This year I attended the London Million Mask March. It started at Trafalgar Square and protested all over central London including 10 Downing Street. Thousands attended all wearing versions of the famous anonymous guys Fawkes mask. Its a great opportunity to get some street photography images packed with vocal and […]

London million mask march 2017

Street portrait – Panda man

I love working the streets of neighbouring Bristol. Its a large city with a massive amount of diversity. One of my favourite hang-outs is an area called the Bear Pit and Stokescroft, this is an area rife with urban scrawl, posters, graffiti and always a changing and varied range of […]

panda man street portrait

Inspired Eye magazine – interview with Daz Smith

In issue 49 of Inspired Eye – The street photography magazine, we are pleased to be featured and interviewed as one of the photographers. Inspired Eye is an amazing magazine packed full of inspiring street photography from across the globe. I fully recommend this to any street photography enthusiasts out […]

the train station – uk street photography

Silhouetted benches in the early morning sun on the Bath train station platform heading to London. #bath #visitbath #cityofbath #blackandwhite #bnw #monochrome #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #bnw_amateurs #bnw_hotshots #bnw_rose #bnw_planet #insta_pick_bw #igersbnw #bnw_life_shots #world_bnw bnw_city #bnw_planet_2017 #pocket_bnw #streetphotography #streetshot #urban #picoftheday #bnw_magazine #igersbath #lovegreatbritain #photosofbritain #lensculture #artisartcommunity #insta_pick_bw

the train station

Bristol Street Photography – scary shops…

Bristol never seems to fail with an amazing array of street photography subject matter. This last Saturday was no different. Thw winter sun shone harshly down creating very long shadows as I photographed the Templar Church ruins. Then on visiting the Bear Pit – a local haunt for counter culture […]

The pink Lady - bristol street photography