Reflections, meditations and prayers – street photography from Bath, 22 March 2105

The sun came out again this weekend albeit briefly and with this great reflections in the water along the canal in Bath. The people packed the city streets and the hustle and bustle of shoppers and tourists was speckled with prayers and reflection.


Book review – Read This If you Want to take great Photographs by Henry Carroll

Photography can be hard to learn to a level of competent dexterity. The exposure triangle of ISO, Aperture and shutter speed, and the complexities of depth of field amongst the main culprits.

Of course add to this composition, framing, differences in light and many of the other affecting factors and it all feels like an obscure science like alchemy.

Myself, I have been taking photos for many years, of late a little more seriously with a real focus on trade craft. In my pursuit of understanding all these overlapping components within photography I came across a book that helped me immensely. it’s called: Read This If you Want to take great Photographs by Henry Carroll.

Why I liked this books is because not only does it use a little humor to explain these complexities, but it used simple language and examples from the greats in photography to illustrate these points and details. People like: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Guy Bordain, Martin Parr, Dorothea Lange and many more – in fact over 50 photographers. Where needed concise illustrations are also used to help with the science behind photography.

It’s just a great book, easy to pick-up, not too complex or long, with great examples and fun. After reading it you just want to go out and test what it is imparting – which is the whole idea, to get us to explore and learn. I recommend this book to any starter or enthusiast to the art of photography – its a great guide I would give this 5 stars *****

Street photography in the city of Bath

Another Saturday on the streets of bath in my pursuit of street photography. Helped in great part as the sun came out for the first time this year, and with this so did the people. Bath was packed with throngs of bustling shoppers, sun worshipers and locals in a heady mix of colour and noise.

The Bath Abbey churchyard area was filled with wandering notes form the busking musicians and people were to be found lounging in bright sunny spots wherever they could be found.

Days like this make it easy for a street photographer as ‘people’ the main subjects of our passion come to life with the sun like flowers craning their stems towards the light.

Enclosed are some of my fav shots from the day – enjoy!


Street Photography from Bath Feb 2015

Bath delivered yet again on the #streetphotography front yesterday with a mix of characters and situations. We have locals and well know street personalities and regulars mixed-in with Baths large mix of tourists.


Bath Streetphotography- Jane Austen festival

Today I thought I would share an archive picture of mine. Its a #streetphotography shot form the annual Jane Austen festiavl walk through the centre of Bath. Hundreds of people dress-up in period Jane Austen costumes and walk the streets of Bath for the weekend. Add this to Bath’s famous architecture and you feel like you have gone back in time.

Bath Street Photography – Jan 14 2015

It was another great day for #streetphotography from the streets of Bath. The tourists and locals were out in droves – probably to celebrate Valentines day with a spot of shopping. We even had a small attendance from a bit of sunshine.

My fav image from the day was the gas mask with the bushy eyes which I found on a market stall on Walcot street Saturday antiques market.


Daz smith is a Bath, U.K. based photographer who loves black and white and street photography.

Would you like a print of my work or would you like to licence or use one of my images – why not contact me @ or

Addicted to black and white Street Photography

Hi, I’m Daz Smith and I am addicted to both Street photography and to black and white. Yes, this does sound a little like a confession or the start of an AA help meeting declaration.

Black and white photography.

The Royal Crescent in Bath looking all moody with the winter sky today.

This has been a love of mine since I was first introduced to photography whilst on a media training course when I was sixteen years old. Why Black and White? I guess they started us all on this because it was cheaper to click and print that color. Luckily for me I was taught how to not only take images but also how to develop them within the stuffy confines of a darkroom where I was fortunate to be part of the magical process of participating in the magic of images forming on the print whilst bathing in chemicals. This truly is a kind of magic to see.

During this time I was also fortunate to have had two great teachers on this course (Steve & Lara) both encouraged creativity within us young as we were, and being young and rebellious we didn’t always understand nor want what we were being exposed to, but now all these years later with hindsight and reflection, they were lessons that have instilled within me key skills and creative processes that flow through all my work be it print, design and now photography.

Whilst dabbling in these early years I can say now that I fell in love with black and white photography. I love the stark, no holds barred grittiness of its style, its both timeless and classy. This is why today, even with the latest digital technologies and software that I strive to express my creative vision in black and white. I dream in black and white.

Street Photography from Bath.

A street person on the streets of Bath with his two companion dogs

As you may have guessed I’m based in Bath in the UK. A famous city known for its Roman Baths and Georgian architecture. You have to base your photography around where you live and work so my street photography is (so far) based around Bath and its surrounding areas. I’m just lucky to live is a beautiful city with an ever changing population of locals and tourists creating a vibrant mix of character.

Bath is known as a city of beauty, and for the most it is. But it also has a darker side like most cities and this includes some of the background people, stories and characters. I see beauty in a homeless person sitting dignified in their situation on the streets of Bath, I See the beauty in the way people interact on the streets of Bath. I hope I reflect this in the images that I take.

I can be found stalking the streets of Bath most Saturdays when the human traffic seems most animated (other days seem to be deflated and flatter) Saturdays for some reason bring a more animated human wildlife onto the streets. I try to record and create images of interesting people, situations and anything that catches my creative process. I try to blend into the crowds in my attempts to capture the perfect picture – if such a thing exists.

If you too enjoy both street photography and black and white photography then please drop me a contact – I would love to hear from you. My flikr feed of images can be found here:


Welcome to the Daz Smith photography website

daz testWelcome to my new website. My name is Daz Smith and I am a resident of the grand city of Bath in the U.K. I can often be found wandering the city streets engaged in street photography, capturing the mad and often wonderful people and things as they happen and in black and white – my preferred weapon of choice.

My aim is to grow as a young photographer and to build my experience and presence within Bath by offering my photography services for local businesses and people. Please take a look around some of my Galleries and contact me if you would like a portrait or if you are in need of a local (Bath) based photographer.